NECROTECH by K.C. Alexander

Necrotech by K.C. Alexander

If you’re looking for a colossal book that supersedes generic fiction labels, then look no further than Necrotech by K.C. Alexander. I discovered this badass, transhumanist novel from following Kevin Hearne. That said, I had no idea who K.C. was and had no knowledge of any of the books she’s previously written, but was intrigued enough prior to Necrotech’s release to do some worthwhile internet stalking (read this interview or this one to see what I mean). Definitely have fallen in love (or lust) with her writing style! With Kevin’s personal review on the cover below that of Chuck Wendig’s, I was more than encouraged and excited to start reading.

And K.C. did not disappoint.

Necrotech is set in a futuristic society reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop distilled with scum injections of the film Judge Dredd, 1984 by George Orwell, and Omega of Mass Effect. From synthetic drugs to heads’ up display ads to genetic enhancements and registered SIN codes for all, K.C. has constructed a world of “what if’s” that very well represents where Earth and humanity as a whole today might end up dependent upon the technological and moral choices we make tomorrow. The Mecca is any bounty hunter’s haven, with the rest of the city from its slums to the more privileged sectors displaying the social spectrum that the government has finally gone corrupt to a point of no return. What really drew me in, however, was beyond the intricately built world and all of its small details that weave together the believable backdrop for our protagonist’s story – it was the violent protagonist herself.

Riko is the no-fucks-given, sick neon ink for days, ass-kicking splatter specialist that could only be compared to the likes of Tank Girl or Trevor Philips of GTA. A fierce and vicious protagonist, she only occasionally comes off as the devil may care type, and the rest of the time she’s too busy getting to the bottom of the shit-storm she’s in to think twice about anything outside of rebuilding her reputation or bringing her girlfriend’s killers to their graves. Along with a slew of calculating and bodacious friends, foes, and every flavor of acquaintances in between, K.C.’s first book of Riko’s story will snag you harder than a grappling hook attached to a fighter jet.

The trials and tribulations Riko gets pulled into are so thought-provoking that I was instantly more enthralled with each page read, and when I came to the last one I wanted to flip over a desk because I was so engaged and invested in Riko’s journey that I didn’t want to wait for the release of her second installment of the series.

Job well done K.C. – go write more books for you!

Overall Score: 10/10

Recommended: Absofuckinglutely!

Notable Quote:

…I slammed his head against the floor. Once.

He screamed.


Three times, and the floor boards cracked.

He stopped screaming.

I didn’t stop breaking. Thud.


Again and again.

When his head fell apart in my fingers, turning to so much mush and bone at the stump of the very motionless body I still straddled, I stopped.


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