a beautiful human being

Beauty is a lifetime, or it can be a series of moments, of personalities and self-confidence that bubble up to that certain glow other people notice. It’s overcoming challenges alone as well as with the influence of another. I love those kind the best, when I can look back on my life and point out the people who helped shape the person I am today. Mostly it’s not an active thought to assist in building someone’s inner beauty up, but it happens regardless, between friends and rivals alike.

It’s rollerblading downhill too fast and crashing onto someone’s lawn. It’s snow-skating through a gazebo freezing your face off with nose-cicles chilling your nostrils and then loitering at Waffle House and only drinking coffee. It’s throwing a two-person dance party in your friend’s bedroom when his brother was at work. It’s starting a Pokemon game from the beginning with your friend, battling and trading after every gym match. It’s cruising with the windows down, sweating from the lack of air conditioning but still belting out the lyrics to the summer jam you have on repeat. It’s your first fashion photoshoot or runway show. It’s talking to a stranger for over three hours after they tried to take your Jamba Juice and falling in love with them. It’s getting overwhelmed with human empathy and being physically incapable of holding back your tears. It’s feeling, it’s coloring, it’s painting, it’s creating, it’s making shit up and being proud to say that you did!

If you become a creator in some way, shape, or form, you’re setting yourself up for a vibrantly beautiful life. Creators push the boundaries and explode outside the lines. They giggle, they hoot, they holler, they cry, they revolt, they pour all of their being into a sculpture or a non-profit, they give when they have next to nothing, they hug every bendable fiber out of you when you need it most. And all of those small gestures add up and contribute to yourself when you’re immersed in it. Your inner beauty is inspired by all of them.

Once you embrace all of these memories and reflect, you become beautiful. Through the good and the bad, you move a little closer to the “you” that you feel most comfortable as, and more like yourself than you’ve ever been before: a beautiful human being.

That was a bit of positive rambling. I fully blame it on you, Jacksters! 🙂


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