3/22: Hasta luego, no ciao

Our last day here was well spent. We went to Punta Negra, which is a beautiful beach about an hour south of San Borja. The waves were playfully violent, slapping me in the face a couple times to teach me to pay attention to them. It was a day of reflection and relaxation, enjoying the present and doing your best to remember the week’s events. It feels like I’ve experienced a lifetime of laughter, dreams, inspiration, and emotion.

Peruvians are the kindest people I have ever interacted with. Their hearts are so big, their words always filled with meaning. Within one week the staff of CCS and the workers in Los Martincitos made me feel like I belonged and fit in just fine here. Every morning, evening, and afternoon meals at home really didn’t let the feeling out of  place for even a second arise. Lima is a second home to me now, and I know this is only the beginning for what’s to come.

Sitting sun burnt in the airport isn’t as uncomfortable as you’d think: passing traditional Peruvian musicians swelled more emotion into my heart, followed by the cutest kid running and giggling into his father’s arms, knocking him back and laughing and smiling to the floor.

This is not goodbye, only see you later.


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