Overview from last night’s amazing show: Retablo de Carnival was amazing! It told the story of the evolution of the Peruvians, from when they only lived in the mountains to modern/upscale ballroom dancing. The costumes were beautiful and very colorful, and the authenticity of the performers’ acting was spot-on. It made me really miss dancing Khmer!


Today was a happy day, the abuelos recognized me now and several of them spotted me out to show photos of their lives. Delia, the deaf one, is so animated and colorful. She makes jewelry; I hope I remember to buy something! Maria used to bake cakes and shoew me pictures of different events she baked for. The abuelos kept vying for my attention, which was cute. The market by Villa I want to go to for longer to look at clothes. It’s neat the abuelos get care packages once a month!

The Puruchuco site today was so cool, so much pre-Incan history! Afro-Peruvian dancing was the highlight of the day, such an upbeat tempo/beat and Roxanna was a hilarious teacher and very good at it.

Definitely tired, gonna hit the hay. I could definitely live here.


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