The War of the End of the World

From the moment his son reached the age of reason, the Scotsman impressed upon his mind the following simple precept: revolution will free society of its afflictions, while science will free the individual of his.
The War of the End of the World by Mario Vargas Llosa

Waiting in Newark for my eight-hour layover to Peru could have been a disaster had I not picked up this paperback. I’ve never read any of Llosa’s works before, and a whole fourteen pages into this novel I know I will read more.

His descriptive style reminds me of Alexandre Dumas, yet with a different age of vernacular. The way he introduces his characters is visual and sneaky, as it makes you wonder which ones will hold important roles. The Counselor and Galileo Gall are polar opposites from opposing beliefs, and I find myself anticipating their encounter.

Already I’m enraptured with his storytelling skills, and I absolutely had to say something about it! I find historical fiction to be a tempting challenge to get through, and I hope to finish this piece during my volunteer trip to Lima.


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